Os refens estao vivos!

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Acordei tarde esta manha e a esperança parecia ter ressurgido. E nao eh que encontrei um contato dos sequestradores na minha caixa de correio eletronico? Fui correndo ver do que se tratava, ansioso por um sinal de vida. Os acentos do meu blog tinham de estar vivos, repetia pra mim mesmo. Tinham de estar. E a noticia do dia: cerca de 60 horas depois, eles estao vivos!

A promessa eh que em breve eles estarao de volta.


Uzina wrote:

> I did:
> I write my text with accents, as I always did.
> I saw:
> The post puts symbols of question marks in place of (“?”)
> All characters with accents.
> I expected:
> I wish this could be adjusted as quickly as possible.

That was happening because the character set had been removed from the Settings > Reading page. I have fixed that option for you and those characters should not appear now. You will probably need to manually fix some of the characters in the latest post though.

Juliano RigattiOs refens estao vivos!
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